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How to progressively load images with Webflow for better SEO

Adding progressively loaded images to your website allows you to have have a faster page load, which results in better SEO. With this article you will be able to progressively load all low resolution images on your page, while simultaneously lazy loading their higher quality images as the user scrolls down the page on Webflow.

How To Add Localization To Your NextJS App

Adding localization to your app can be tricky, especially with server-side rendering in NextJS. This tutorial walks through the complexities that are involved in the various localization libraries needed to translate your app into another language.

SMS Text Messaging For Shopify Admin And POS

One of the most underrated ways to market or reach customers is through SMS text messaging. Compared to phone calls and email marketing, SMS messaging has a 98% open rate which is tremendously high compared to a 17.8% open rate for emails. As a result, we, at Lazer, are very bullish on SMS text messaging for its multitude of use cases, which is why we're excited to launch our second app for the Shopify ecosystem: SMS Text Messaging For Shopify Admin And POS

Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS

One of the areas within the Shopify ecosystem that has tons of room for growth and we, at Lazer, are very bullish on is Shopify POS. That's why we're excited to launch our first app for the Shopify + POS App Store: Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS

How To Structure Firebase Push Notifications In Your React Native App

For those new to Firebase, React Native, or setting up Push Notifications for your app, this is the guide for you.

Lazer, Helping Companies Move Fast And Ship The Best Products

Over the summer, we announced that we sold Fiix, and many were wondering what we were up to next. Today, we’re super excited to share our next chapter and our new company, Lazer.Lazer is a digital product studio designed to help successful enterprises bring ideas to market faster and more successfully.

How We Grew Our Local SEO To The Top Of Google And To 1000+ 5-Star Reviews Within 3 Months

In my previous post, I wrote about how SEO is a big customer acquisition channel for us at Fiix (www.fiix.io) and how we grew it to more than 80K unique visitors a month from it. However, one of the areas of SEO we were struggling with was with regards to location based search queries from users.

How We Grew Our SEO To 70K+ Visitors A Month

At Fiix (www.fiix.io), SEO is a big customer acquisition channel for us. We get more than 70K unique visitors a month from it, and a percentage of those visitors convert into actual paying customers.In this reading, I’ll show you our journey of how we built our SEO.